Electrodynamic vibration test systems
Shinken (Japan)


The Japanese company SHINKEN was founded in 1975 and quickly became one of the world leaders in creating multi-axis vibration exciters and vibration stands on air supports with a large stroke, quickly outperforming other companies specializing in the development of vibration testing systems in this sophisticated field.


Thanks to the use of modern technology and a unique development philosophy, SHINKEN products have earned the highest rating from customers. Attention to details, a proven assembly technology and rigorous final inspection allow customers to deliver extremely reliable equipment.

SHINKEN vibration shakers have many distinctive features, illustrated in the photos below:

Use air central guide bearings for test systems where long-term operation and high operating frequencies are required:

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Use of standard or reinforced mechanical bearings in vibration systems for testing large products for transportation. Systems with a mechanical bearing have an increased frequency range:

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The use of a hydrostatic bearing of high bearing capacity for systems with increased requirements for lateral components and tilting moments:

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In shakers with air or hydrostatic bearings, there is practically no mechanical friction between the moving system and the internal body of the vibrator. Such shakers do not have wearing parts and life parts in the suspension system; the only service here is to replace oil in shakers with hydrostatic bearing (the frequency of replacement is determined by the working conditions, usually is it recommended to change oil every two years of operation, standard amount of oil in mid-range systems is 10-20 litres).

The hydrostatic bearing test system is supplied with a compact high-pressure oil station with an air intercooler and a 10-liter oil tank. Standard series 46 or 68 hydraulic oil is used:

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A typical graph of the lateral acceleration for the bare table of the vibrator G0220L (do not exceed 15% in the whole range of 5-2000Hz, the typical value is at the level of 4-5%!):

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Appearance of the G-0230L vibrator (30 kN) with hydrostatic bearing

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Use of current leads with an increased resource and a special mounting plate to prevent the formation of cracks in the attachment points of the current leads to the moving coil

Convenient feature of SHINKEN vibration testing systems is the use of horizontal tables without transition devices (driver bars). The design allows you to mount a horizontal table directly to the moving coil:

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Another feature is the use of horizontal tables without an oil film, a granite slab and an oil bath, which gives no oil mist and makes it easier to use these systems in clean rooms.

Horizontal tables can also be completed with two types of bearings - mechanical linear sliding bearings or closed T-shaped hydrostatic, where high tilting moments are required.

Appearance of a system G-0230L with a table of 700х700 mm on linear bearings.

Appearance of the G-0235L vibrator with a table 800x800mm with two hydrostatic bearings.

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Appearance of the G-0235L vibrator with a table 800x800mm with two hydrostatic bearings.

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Closed Т-shape hydrostatic bearing

In water-cooled shakers, the current leads and cooling tubes are spaced apart, unlike other manufacturers. This has increased the reliability and eliminated the erosion of the current leads with cooling water, and also helps to eliminate de-ionising system and reduce requirements for cooling water purity.

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SHINKEN manufacturer is a leader in two-, three-axis and special tests and has in its arsenal a variety of solutions for these tasks, as well as solutions to simplify the transition from vertical to horizontal direction:

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Special support racks, so as not to remove the expansion table when going to the horizon. This solution, together with a horizontal table without an adapter and a motorized drive, can significantly shorten the transition time to the horizon and improve usability.

Appearance of the three-axis test bench G-6250:

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Compact three-axis G-6130:

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Vibration+climatic testing system:

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Use with noise-suppression chamber:

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Special solution for testing large-sized products for transportation by the Random vibration

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Exceptionally quiet cooling fans with a special design of the blades and an additional sound-attenuating device - the noise level is not higher than 70 dB!

Range of SHINKEN products comprises special “shock” systems, allowing to obtain amplitudes up to 500g reproducing a half-sine impact; miniature systems; high-frequency (up to 25000 Hz) systems, long stroke (up to 260mm peak-peak) systems and many others.Significant reduction in noise load and increased comfort in the test area.

Japanese manufacturer SHINKEN is ready to become reliable partner in the European market for customers whose priority is reliability, quality and technical specifications of equipment for equipping test centers and state-of the art laboratories.

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