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Miniature Vibration Test Systems G-2 Series


Usable Anywhere

Featured by compact and handy, the G-2 Series Vibration Test Systems (VTSs) can be put and used anywhere; even on a school desk (but smaller than the G-2005D) with no noisy cooling blower needed. (except the G-2050).

Expandable to…

A vertical table and/or a horizontal table can be added though the size is limited. Also instead of the standard simple sine controller, the Digital Vibration Controller D-59 Series can be used as option.

Small But For A Variety of Applications

The G-2 Series VTSs, small but consisting of a sweep oscillator, sine controller, power amplifier and vibration generator, can be used for a variety of applications; calibration of sensors, standard vibration tests for small part, school teaching materials and modal analysis.

Table of models, for PC version only

Table of models

1. Power is to be single-phase 100V 50/60Hz. In the case of the voltage other than 100V, a proper transformer is to be supplied locally.