Shock & Vibration Test Systems G-5 Series | SHINKEN-EUROPE

Shock & Vibration Test Systems G-5 Series


Up To 4,900m/s2( 500G) Shock Tests Possible

A unique structure of light movable mass and large displacement permits for shock tests with quite high acceleration and long duration, featured by high fidelity of controlled shock waveforms.

Bump Tests Easily Achieved

Easy s et ting o f t he n umber o f t imes o f s hock waveforms and interval time makes Bump Tests easily achieved, thus beating conventional Shock Test Machines in a way.

Up to 260mmp-p Displacement Available

The other feature of G-5 Series, large displacement up to 260mmp-p also allows for seismic simulation.

Table of models, for PC version only

Table of models

1. *For low-frequency tests such as seismic simulation, a relevant accelerometer or servo sensor and a low-frequency use charge
amplifier are needed (also for seismic tests, relevant foundation is recommended).
2. For the air-cooled systems with a force output of over 20kN, it is recommended that the hot air from the cooling blower be sent to