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Vibration Test Systems for General Purposes G-0 Series


A Variety of Choices

The G-0 Series Vibration Test Systems (VTSs), core systems of S HINKEN, have a variety of choices according to customer’s requirements with force output ranging from 1kN to 200kN and a choice of the guide systems from mechanical bearing, air-bearing and hydro-static bearing systems.

Usable for a Wide Range of General Purpose Vibration Tests

With the main features of high frequencies and high acceleration, The G-0 Series VTSs are most suited to vibration tests for vehicle and electric & electronic parts, al so usable for a variety of vibration tests for general purposes by adding necessary accessories such as vertical tables and horizontal tables.

Bare Table Hole Patterns, for PC version only

Bare Table Hole Patterns

Table of models, for PC version only

Table of models

1. For the air-cooled systems with a force output of over 20kN, it is recommended that the hot air from the cooling blower be sent to
2. The last letter stands for:
N:Air Bearing Type
L:Hydro Static Bearing Type
No Letter:Mechanical Bearing Type